Another New Dexter Bull! Just Like Clockwork!

Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last updated, but we have been really busy with the vegetable garden. No really we have, check it out at

Anyway, I know we have talked about the two Dexter cows we have that have a calf at the time every year, the oldest one calves in December and her daughter drops every July… well it’s that time again. This time it was on Friday the 13th, July that is, and as usual a bull calf, Oh well what can ya do?


newdexter Another New Dexter Bull! Just Like Clockwork!

Here he is, another bull calf!

This time she was a few weeks behind, she usually throws one towards the beginning of July.

cows Another New Dexter Bull! Just Like Clockwork!

Here is a shot of the rest of the ladies and gents. They were up by the gate looking for some cubes! The nerve , look at all that grass!  Finally we are getting some good rain and the grass is showing it, and these cows want cubes…unbelievable lol.

Well there you go another update, a little late, but I’ll try to keep up the pace more, the garden is slowing down a little bit, and if you need a Dexter Bull cross for the freezer, let us know, we have a few.

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Laying Hens, Back at work!

laying chickens Laying Hens, Back at work!

Here they are, the happy crew!

The laying hens took the last year off due to the drought conditions I suppose, I can’t say as I blame them much. The old hens have come back in full force this year, laying about two dozen eggs a day for the last week or so.


We run a mixed flock , mostly Rhone Island Reds, a few Americaunas, a Barred Rock or two and even one lone White Leghorn. Heck there are even a few home grown chickens in there. But the one thing they all have in common, delicious eggs. brown ones , green ones, tan ones …even a lone white one, from the leghorn of course!

eggs Laying Hens, Back at work!

There they are, all the cackleberries you can eat!

So if your around this way stop by and get you a dozen or two, or three!  Please!!


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Jersey Bull Calf! Another one

We had another Jersey bull calf born here on the farm last week, I think that will conclude the spring birthing around here, at least for now. This particular calf is a grandson to Ruby, the sweetest cow ever! Too bad it wasn’t a heifer, either way we don’t keep jersey bulls around here.


In case you’ve never heard Jersey bulls are notoriously crazy, I’m not gonna take a chance with a crazy bull! But look at him he’s so cute!

jerseybullcalf2 Jersey Bull Calf!  Another one

Jersey Bull calf

So if someone ever tells you a Jersey bull calf will make a good pet, run away from them…run fast.


Anyway, this fella is gonna end up in the freezer before he gets to snarly. As usual , we’ll keep you posted on the happenings!

Have a great week!


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Be Careful What You Wish For!

It really raining outside right now, not exactly what I had in mind, but after last year I’ll take it!

rain Be Careful What You Wish For!

Cats and Dogs!

rain2 Be Careful What You Wish For!

rain3 Be Careful What You Wish For!

I guess I’ll let you know if we float away!

Stay dry ya’ll!

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Views Around The Farm

Since all the rain has been falling around here lately, And I ain’t complaining Mind you!!  Just not alot you can do outside in the rain and cold, thought I would show ya’ll some pix I took.

haybuffet Views Around The Farm

Everyone gathered arounf the Hay Buffet! All you can eat.

haybuffet2 Views Around The Farm

Still eating!


I was taking the kid to school one day last week and we saw the best looking sunrise I have seen around here in a long while!

sunrise Views Around The Farmsunrise2 Views Around The Farmsunrise3 Views Around The Farm

So that’s it for now I have other some in the works, so til then Have a great one!

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Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.

We had another diary girl drop a calf sometime last night, lo and behold another dairy heifer !

newcalf Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.

Look at the white blotchy wonder!

This is a third generation calf for us, her mother and grandmother are still on our farm, and they are quite the milk producers!

The bull that bred her was a Beefmaster/Jersey cross, that may explain the vibrant color pattern. no matter , we look forward to another mama cow no matter what color they are.

newcalf2 Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.

longhornish Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.

Camilla and the new girl.


The normal standard colored jersey in the side shot is Camilla, I thought I put up a post about her when she was born but i guess I was slack that day, please forgive.

She was born in October to the new calf’s grandmother Lucille, she makes some good lookers don’t she?

camilla Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.


proudmama Finally, Some More Milk! The Newest Dairy Calf.

And here is the proud mama, Sweetpea.

Would ya look at the bag on here, should be enough milk to go round for a while.

Anyway , as always I’ll keep you updated on the latest news from around here , if ya wanna hear it!

Take it easy, and go see where your food comes from!


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A Trio Of New Goats!

As I head out to the shed to get the pigs fed, something in the goat barn catches my eye, It’s three little goats kids born a few hours ago!


thegoatkids A Trio Of New Goats!

The Three New Kids


The dark one in front is female, the other two light colored are males, Call me if you need a buck these two make four in the last month!

hsppyfasmily A Trio Of New Goats!

Momma and the new kids.

newmomma A Trio Of New Goats!

Momma enjoying some feed.

Thinking back , I can’t remember if this is a first time kidder or not… oh well, threes a charm.

Tannerkid A Trio Of New Goats!

Tanner just loves to be in with the kids!

Here is Tanner, our Great Pyrenees,  he takes his job seriously, except when the kids start coming towards him, it freaks him out!  As long as he can go to them its ok, but don’t let a kid stare him down…. it’s too funny!

juliefeeding A Trio Of New Goats!

Julie feeding the other two bucklings

These two were born last week, their momma died shortly after, bottle feeding is the way this goes for now!


So stay tuned, I’m sure the other goats will be moving along any time now, also on the calendar …another litter of piglets.

Don’t miss a single minute of the fun!

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Pond Update!

Well the rains have been good here the last few months, better than the whole year before that’s for sure!  The pond we had dug out last fall has really come along way!

cowspond Pond Update!

pond2 Pond Update!

pond Pond Update!

It has come up along way, here is the before post!  Bring on the fish!!


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Rest In Peace Ruby!

ruby Rest In Peace Ruby!

Sweet Ruby, Gone to greener pastures.

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Another Dexter Calf!

It’s December and that means another Dexter calf .  We have a Dexter cow that has calved in the first week of December going on four years in a row.  This week is no exception, I walked out and looked to the back pasture and there he was , a day old baby bull.

newdex Another Dexter Calf!

The Newest Edition



newdex2 Another Dexter Calf!

Take Two


He’s a stocky lookin little guy, we’ll feed him out for a year or so then it’s freezer time!  …shhhh don’t tell him!


Feeding Time

As you can see from the pics, the pasture is in rotten shape, we are having to feed range cubes and hay, looks like its going to be a long stretch till spring!

cubes Another Dexter Calf!

Feeding the cubes, it's like a cow soup kitchen!


So we await Spring for some greener pastures, and maybe we can get the garden rolling again, only time will tell.

pixel Another Dexter Calf!
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